What is an Opportunity Tracker and How Do You Use It?

Tracking your opportunities helps you stay organized and measure your progress, both of which are critical when it comes to meeting your career goals. Whether you are looking for a new job, just graduating college or wanting to make a career change, tracking all of your opportunities in one place is essential! 

What is an Opportunity Tracker? 

Track Your Job Opportunities

An Opportunity Tracker is a place where you can, well, track your job opportunities! It helps you stay organized, prepare for interviews and most of all help you feel more confident in your job search.

You can track all of your job opportunity details including the resume you applied with, job description, company contact info, and status. You can then pin your pre-written work win stories to the job description so you can speak to your relevant experience and save tons of time preparing. This all, of course, is accessible on CareerKeeper’s mobile-friendly website so you can take interview calls on the go. No notebook? No problem!

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Why should you use one? 

We know the jobs you apply to may be different. If you are someone that has many resume versions, you may find it hard to manage which one went where. You may already know or can see where this may get a little tricky when you’re on a roll applying to jobs right? Plus in just about every interview, the interviewer will want to go over your resume and learn more about your experience. What happens if you don’t remember which resume you sent them? 

Thankfully your Opportunity Tracker helps you stay organized and allows you to upload the exact version of your resume that you sent in for that specific job. 

Besides organization, your Opportunity Tracker also allows you to pin your work wins to each specific job. This way when you are preparing for the interview, you are able to use the unique system to be efficient, explain your experience, and explain your skills as precisely as possible leaving out all the “fluff” the interviewer doesn’t care about anyway. Tracking your job opportunities helps you measure your progress and stay motivated too. 

You may also forget that you applied for a job and get that mystery call from a hiring manager. If you can't find the job they were referring to, you'll be behind before you even start. Job descriptions are also sometimes taken down from job search which makes it hard to remember what the company was looking for, to begin with. 

What's the Story Behind the Opportunity Tracker?

Your Opportunity Tracker inside of CareerKeeper is ALWAYS available. Our Founder and CEO, Allison Calabrese, felt as if the Opportunity Tracker was a necessity because too many times she would go on phone interviews where she had to pop out of her office and take it walking on the street, in her car, in a coffee shop, etc. 
It is extremely awkward to prepare for interviews while working full time. “I used to scribble my notes on whatever I could and never had the right info in front of me. It was also difficult to think about things I did in a job from a few years ago while I was in my current job. Even when I worked from home and was able to have the right information, I wasted so much time printing papers and writing up notes that would be tossed out right after the call. With CareerKeeper, I brought both work wins and the opportunities together to save people from wasting so much work and time.”
Allison also knew that people think in the mindset of now. Meaning they are focused on what is coming right now rather than in the future. You may not realize it but saving your work wins will help you so much when applying for your next job in 10 years! 

How do you use it? 

Add a job opportunity to manage your job search.

Start by adding your opportunities. This is where you will add the company name, the date, status of the application, the job description and more. It is extremely easy to use and is a necessary step to achieving your career goals! 

As you apply for jobs, add them to CareerKeeper so you can track their status. Think of your Opportunity Tracker as a hub for tracking applications across all job search websites. (Watch Video)
Best of all, there is no more scrambling for information to prepare for interviews! Once you move to the next stage, you can pin your work wins to the job description. During your interview, your work wins will help you demonstrate your experience and track record with concrete examples with confidence.
So what are you waiting for? Start applying and track your opportunities with CareerKeeper today!


CareerKeeper™ is a private career management platform that helps you interview with confidence. Now you can tell the story behind your resume and prove your value with concrete examples a.k.a. your “Work Wins” stories!